Our Approach


We have many competitors in our industry.   Few actually compete with the levels of service we offer to both plan sponsors and our participants.  Why is that?

Our industry is dominated by very large administrators and TPAs.  These groups have determined that their keys to profitability lie with systems automation and self-service. As such, participants access to professional assistance, that is the human kind, is made rather arduous and a matter of “last resort”.  First resorts are “Do it Yourself” instructions and tutorials.  Learn the plans’ rules and the laws yourself and answer your own questions via Q&As and other online “tools”.

However, we find that participants become rather frustrated with self-service approaches. In many cases, they interact with their plans and balances infrequently during the plan year.  When they come back to submit a claim or get a procedural question addressed, they want quick answers and help–not references to online reading materials.

This is also true in varying degrees with plan sponsor support.

INNOVA’s service advantage has been, and remains, customer service.

We are available through our call center and via email and of course, fax and regular mail.  Our support services are addressed by seasoned professionals.  That experience allows for rather immediate help and personalized guidance.

We believe that, in operating an employee benefit program, maintaining participant satisfaction and servicing quality and accuracy is above all else.