Partner with Innova


INNOVA does not serve its clients and participants in a vacuum.

We work hand in hand with consultants and brokers and similar producer communities in order to ensure that our programs are operating effectively in tandem with the myriad of other employee benefit programs of our clients.

Healthcare is complicated.  Healthcare is subjected to constant streams of new regulations. Healthcare rules are continuously over-hauled by the Federal government sometimes with State government impacts.

INNOVA’s pledge to its business partners is this:  Our mission is to stay absolutely current with our specialized areas of expertise. In addition, we are constantly pursuing continuing education in related employee benefit areas. This is important to our consultations with our clients and other professionals.  By partnering with other professionals, we can afford our clients with contemporary and ‘highest and best” solutions to their frequently complicated objectives and constraints in operating programs for their employees.

Our desired approach is to build long-term entrusted relationships with the broker and consultant communities.  We believe our historic credibility and client success allows us to rank highly in our partners’ referrals and recommendations.

All this leads to the better management of sponsors’ employee benefit programs and greater participant satisfaction.

Join us in our partnership efforts!