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Pratter’s Value Proposition: “Outpatient fixed commodity market medical care costs make up 80% of a company’s medical spend. Of that, the top 12 to 15 procedures make up 50% to 60% of the spend. We leverage self-insured data – it goes two places:

  1. medical cost savings analysis to monitor 600 most common outpatient medical cost items in a fixed commodity market and
  2. pratter.us to search and save by zip code (charges and claim allowable).

Pratter reduces the massive in-network pricing variation for over 600 procedures in the categories of blood work, imaging studies and elective medical procedures. We target these high cost items and revise targets via quarterly savings analyses.”


We help brokers stand out from the crowd.

Paycor makes your firm truly full-service. Our intuitive HR, payroll and time solutions are built to serve your clients—not lure them away with competitive offerings. We work with our brokers to understand their clients’ unique needs. Our integrations and Broker Care teams are world class experts who can answer your questions anytime, so you always feel like an expert yourself.

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Hear from just one of our many satisfied partners: Pete Stava, an employee benefits specialist.